Saturday, 31 March 2007

I had a great run. Not as long as I thought it was (Google Earth is my friend), but it was good. I haven't run in a few weeks, but I didn't feel it (although I might well tomorrow....). The sun was shining and the birds were probably singing, although I was listening to my walkman so I can't vouch for that. Heard a few crows cawing (is that what crows do?) but that's not quite the same, really.

I noticed that the oil seed rape has started to flower in the field up the road. Wouldn't usually be remarkable, but it also flowered in November. I realise there are two varieties and that one does flower in the autumn (well I didn't realise until I just looked it up just then) but I've only ever seen it in flower in the spring before so I think it was connected to the crazy weather patterns that also had farmers picking raspberries in November.

I've only ever run one 10k race before. My time (don't snigger) was 1hr 17 m 59s. (When I say I'm not very good at running I really do mean it.) I don't honestly know if I'll beat it next week. But I'll try my best.

I would like to point out that I don't normally talk about the weather this much. I'll stop soon, promise.


'it looks nice out there today'
'yeah, the mist has finally pissed off'
'the mist has pissed, that rhymes!'
'the mist likes to rhyme'

yes, the weather has finally cleared up. two of my friends get married later, so it's a relief. i'm glad they'll have sunshine.

i'm about to go for a run. i have a 10k race next sunday (yes, easter sunday!) and i'm totally not in shape for it. oh well, i should be able to finish, and that's the important thing.

Friday, 30 March 2007


It's been misty all week. Not proper fog, but a thin grey mist that's been sitting over everything, murky and cold. I wasn't sure whether or not it was just that the windows in work were really dirty at first. It's never cleared up (at least not while I've been watching) and it's seemed to put a dampener on everything. People have kept their heads down, hurried along to where they're going. It's seemed quiet, even subdued on the streets. Of course it doesn't help that a few weeks ago we were away, enjoying warm sunshine, feeling like summer was only a short way away.

It seems like spring only bothered to turn up, full of promise, to make the weather this week seem even worse.

It's dark now (10.10pm), but the mist is still hanging on under the streetlights. It's thin, but it's still there. I have to respect its tenacity.

facts about me.

update, 11 January 2010: i found out i was pregnant on 26th august 2009. we were excited.
the 12 week scan was in mid october. all was well. we told our friends and the rest of our families. everyone was thrilled for us.
then, we had a routine appointment on 25th november (when i was 17 weeks pregnant) at which we found out the baby had died four weeks earlier.
i'm still trying to assimilate this loss into my reality.

all the facts below are true; but right now, they aren't who i am. right now, i'm a woman who has lost a baby, and has to redefine everything she knows.

- - -

  • in my early 30s
  • aries; year of the dragon
  • live with my partner, D, in striking distance of Newcastle
  • 2 sisters: S and N
  • love love love nail varnish
  • music runs through my veins, even if i don't play anything any more
  • i write
  • i've completed the great north run (and in less than three hours!)
  • ex Samaritan
  • slowly working towards an ou degree. very slowly.
  • feminist
  • love cooking and baking
  • other addictions include scrubs, lost, misfits, val mcdermid, and especially nine inch nails (trent reznor is sex on a stick)
  • am learning not to hoard
  • tidiness still escapes me, though. it's just that one step too far.
  • used to be addicted to email and the internet, but i recovered, mostly
  • i speak german. used to speak french, italian, portugese, latin, and old english, to varying degrees of success. can't remember much of them any more
  • sometimes i don't like capitals. sometimes i do. but i tend to be consistent within posts. so that sort of makes it ok.
  • i have an unexplained love for semi colons. i can't explain it, but if i didn't fight the urge, i'd use them in nearly every paragraph.
i've been ashamed of a few things in my life, but if things hadn't gone the way they did, i wouldn't be where i am now. and i'm happy with where i am now - happier than i could ever say. there are things i want to change, but i'm working towards changing them. i used to be happy. since losing my baby, i need to rediscover how to be happy once more.

last updated 1.09am, 12 jan 2010.

watching geordie life

Geordie refers to a person from the Tyneside region in north east England, in particular the city of Newcastle and the adjacent areas, or to the dialect of English spoken by these people. (thanks Wikipedia)
Hi and welcome to watching geordie life.

I've lived on Tyneside for a good handful of years now. My partner, D, was born in Newcastle; I can't see us ever living anywhere else in the UK. (Elsewhere in Europe? Still unlikely, but slightly less so. Outside Europe? Never say never, but I doubt it.) It's the place I've felt most at home, the place where I've had the best friends. And it's an exciting place to live! Everyone seems to know its reputation as a party city, but that's not all there is to Newcastle. There's been a settlement here for centuries; the architecture spans the very old (
city walls) to the very new (the Gate); there are fantastic music venues all around; you're in a city, but the countryside is close at hand; the beach is just 30 minutes away from the city centre on the metro; there's cutting-edge scientific research going on at the Centre for Life; plenty of literature; plenty of sport; two universities; plenty of theatres; more shops than any one person could ever need... I'll stop before you all stop reading (and I can't be bothered to look up any more links right now), and save mentions of the bad for another day.

I'm not saying the city is perfect, but it's home to me. Hopefully, through reading this blog, you'll understand why.

Thanks for dropping in.