Friday, 30 March 2007

facts about me.

update, 11 January 2010: i found out i was pregnant on 26th august 2009. we were excited.
the 12 week scan was in mid october. all was well. we told our friends and the rest of our families. everyone was thrilled for us.
then, we had a routine appointment on 25th november (when i was 17 weeks pregnant) at which we found out the baby had died four weeks earlier.
i'm still trying to assimilate this loss into my reality.

all the facts below are true; but right now, they aren't who i am. right now, i'm a woman who has lost a baby, and has to redefine everything she knows.

- - -

  • in my early 30s
  • aries; year of the dragon
  • live with my partner, D, in striking distance of Newcastle
  • 2 sisters: S and N
  • love love love nail varnish
  • music runs through my veins, even if i don't play anything any more
  • i write
  • i've completed the great north run (and in less than three hours!)
  • ex Samaritan
  • slowly working towards an ou degree. very slowly.
  • feminist
  • love cooking and baking
  • other addictions include scrubs, lost, misfits, val mcdermid, and especially nine inch nails (trent reznor is sex on a stick)
  • am learning not to hoard
  • tidiness still escapes me, though. it's just that one step too far.
  • used to be addicted to email and the internet, but i recovered, mostly
  • i speak german. used to speak french, italian, portugese, latin, and old english, to varying degrees of success. can't remember much of them any more
  • sometimes i don't like capitals. sometimes i do. but i tend to be consistent within posts. so that sort of makes it ok.
  • i have an unexplained love for semi colons. i can't explain it, but if i didn't fight the urge, i'd use them in nearly every paragraph.
i've been ashamed of a few things in my life, but if things hadn't gone the way they did, i wouldn't be where i am now. and i'm happy with where i am now - happier than i could ever say. there are things i want to change, but i'm working towards changing them. i used to be happy. since losing my baby, i need to rediscover how to be happy once more.

last updated 1.09am, 12 jan 2010.


Megan said...

I feel exactly the same way about semi-colons; I am also very partial to dashes - or are they called elipses ~ or is that one? I have no idea.

B said...

Another semi-colon lover! You will always be welcome round here :)

Kate.Kingsley said...

Geordie amateur runner (I managed the GNR in under 3 hrs too!) who dreams of being a rock star, likes Lost, Heroes & Scrubs & wants to be published ~ we could be the same person!!

B said...

Hi Kate - I don't think we're the same person but it's hard to be sure sometimes! :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Nice to meet you. I used to be a Samaritan too, well they call it telephone suicide crisis counselor here. Did if for about 6 years in Dallas Texas. You must have a patient and compassionate soul to do it.

well ta ra from a geordie stuck in a hippie village in the middle of ohio

B said...

Hi JafaBrit! Nice to see you over here as well as on the photo site :) Thanks for dropping in, see you around again!