Saturday, 31 March 2007

I had a great run. Not as long as I thought it was (Google Earth is my friend), but it was good. I haven't run in a few weeks, but I didn't feel it (although I might well tomorrow....). The sun was shining and the birds were probably singing, although I was listening to my walkman so I can't vouch for that. Heard a few crows cawing (is that what crows do?) but that's not quite the same, really.

I noticed that the oil seed rape has started to flower in the field up the road. Wouldn't usually be remarkable, but it also flowered in November. I realise there are two varieties and that one does flower in the autumn (well I didn't realise until I just looked it up just then) but I've only ever seen it in flower in the spring before so I think it was connected to the crazy weather patterns that also had farmers picking raspberries in November.

I've only ever run one 10k race before. My time (don't snigger) was 1hr 17 m 59s. (When I say I'm not very good at running I really do mean it.) I don't honestly know if I'll beat it next week. But I'll try my best.

I would like to point out that I don't normally talk about the weather this much. I'll stop soon, promise.


loria said...

thank you so much for leaving a comment so i could find you sweetheart.

and yes, you are my favourite ex-york resident ;) likely my most favourite in all the UK, since we're actually friends and i really don't see David Tennant knocking on my door anytime soon...

anyway, will keep reading - love the Newcastle history. will visit again I promise...


b said...

You're welcome! If David Tennant does drop in send him this way when he gets back to the UK, will ya?? ;)

Anxious said...

Ah, running - I miss it.

Obviously, given current circumstances, I haven't run for a while. But don't worry about times - I'm a slow runner too. Just keep at it, you're doing fine and good luck with your 10k.

(Hi, by the way)

b said...

No anxious, I don't think running would be a good idea right now! I don't really mind about times, although I think I'd have to crawl not to beat my last 10k time - but even if I don't, that's OK.

Thanks for the good luck and for dropping by! And hope you're taking care of yourself. I've been shy of commenting cause I haven't had a blog for aaaaages but I'll say hi more now I do :)