Friday, 30 March 2007

watching geordie life

Geordie refers to a person from the Tyneside region in north east England, in particular the city of Newcastle and the adjacent areas, or to the dialect of English spoken by these people. (thanks Wikipedia)
Hi and welcome to watching geordie life.

I've lived on Tyneside for a good handful of years now. My partner, D, was born in Newcastle; I can't see us ever living anywhere else in the UK. (Elsewhere in Europe? Still unlikely, but slightly less so. Outside Europe? Never say never, but I doubt it.) It's the place I've felt most at home, the place where I've had the best friends. And it's an exciting place to live! Everyone seems to know its reputation as a party city, but that's not all there is to Newcastle. There's been a settlement here for centuries; the architecture spans the very old (
city walls) to the very new (the Gate); there are fantastic music venues all around; you're in a city, but the countryside is close at hand; the beach is just 30 minutes away from the city centre on the metro; there's cutting-edge scientific research going on at the Centre for Life; plenty of literature; plenty of sport; two universities; plenty of theatres; more shops than any one person could ever need... I'll stop before you all stop reading (and I can't be bothered to look up any more links right now), and save mentions of the bad for another day.

I'm not saying the city is perfect, but it's home to me. Hopefully, through reading this blog, you'll understand why.

Thanks for dropping in.


e said...

Hi. I'm a Geordie by birth- born at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Only lived in Newcastle for a year though, before getting progressively further and further away...

b said...

Oooh hi e! Didn't realise you were a Geordie. It's a good place to be from :)

Caroline said...

I'm a Geordie too.

b said...

thanks for dropping by - the more Geordies the better :)

Esco said...

Hey, I've just been searching the blogs for geordies and came across this one.

I'm a geordie but have moved away. I found this song that cheered me up which I think a lot of geordies will appreciate.

Funnily enough, this guy is usually known for his sad songs.