Wednesday, 18 April 2007

It was a beautiful evening. I went for a run after work; I had to force myself to go out as I was rather tired, but I really enjoyed it. Really tired myself out though.

Running up the main road I could smell a barbeque. It smelled delicious, and made me long for the long hot evenings of summer - it was sunny, but cool by the time I went out. Sitting round with friends, drinking cold beers, eating home-made kebabs and veggie sausages, enjoying the warmth of the sun til it's dark outside.

Of course, you never remember the problems getting the bloody thing to start, the rain that pours down even though the weather forecast swore it would be dry for the next fortnight, the flies, the people who get drunk and throw up (or just won't go home no matter how much you hint).

This week is strange. I feel like I keep stopping and starting and never really get anything done. Maybe I'll be able to make some progress at the weekend.

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