Friday, 20 April 2007

I've just posted about a million photos on facebook. I have had too much wine and it's gone to my head. D is watching Jaws 2. I really should go to bed now.

Is anyone else on facebook? Am I the only one that's loving it? The people I know on there seem to be having fun, but most of them have joined because I invited them. I don't get how you would make 'friends' with people you didn't already know. If anyone I didn't know requested to be my friend, I would wonder if they were a crazy stalker person. But maybe I'm mad too.

I really should get to bed now before I fall off my chair. I am such a lightweight.


Anxious said...

I think I already spend too much time fiddling about on the internet, so I won't be joining facebook any time soon.

Plus, I'll have to read how fabulous everyone else is and I'll probably become depressed...

b said...

oh i don't bother reading about how fabulous everyone is, i know the people i know on there and they are normal not show offs.

Does that make any sense at all?

if i wasn't so utterly bored in work, i wouldn't be on there so much, that's for sure.