Saturday, 28 April 2007


After my Samaritans shift, I walked to the metro station. I usually get the bus home, but I was going to a friend's house, not home. There's a metro station just near where we are based, but that one's not so convenient for where I was going, so I walked to Manors.

I used to use that station all the time. It's never been hugely busy, at least not while I've lived here, but when the Warner's cinema was opposite it used to get more people in and out. But I used to frequent one of the pubs next to it (I even worked there for a short time, and it's where I met D and one of our best friends) so it was familiar.

Now, it was quiet. There was noone else there, at least until the metro arrived and two people got off. There's a huge university building being built on the site that used to be the cinema now; you'd think that that would get more people going through, but in reality, you're so close to Newcastle that it's not worth getting the metro in. It's easier and often quicker to just walk over the flyover.

I don't get the metro very often, as I may have mentioned before; buses are far more convenient for most of the travelling I do. They changed the pricing structure fairly recently so it's now based on how many zones you're travelling through. I pressed the button for one zone and started to put my money in, but then realised that it was two zones from there to home. Pressed cancel and selected two zones.

Just as I put the second coin in and the ticket started to print, I remembered that I wasn't going home. I was going to J's house. One zone.

What a waste of 70p.

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