Thursday, 26 April 2007

the rabbit

There are some small grey rabbits that live on the grass outside the Civic Centre.

It was one of the rabbits that inspired this blog. I was going home on the bus one night and it was sitting there. Not more than ten feet away from a road full of heavy traffic. Just sitting, watching, eating grass. Not seeming to care about the people and cars. I'd been wanting to start up a blog again - it's a long time since I had a blog (well, a pita - hosted at - I've just looked and although I can't log in it's still out there. Weird.) I had a livejournal more recently, but I never did like the way they worked. And I'd been looking for a hook. A raison d'etre for my blog. The rabbit just made me remember quite what a unique city Newcastle is, and there was my flash of inspiration.

I saw three rabbits tonight. Two sitting together, eating grass, the third a little way away, seeming to watch my bus go past. Just enjoying the April sunshine, not a care in the world.

There's probably a lesson in there for me somewhere.

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