Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Recipe for a great birthday

Plus a great run
With a friend to take you to the coast and buy you fish and chips
A nap in the afternoon
A friend you rarely see promising to come and visit at the weekend
Texts, emails and cards from nearly everyone you know
And being OK about your age

I wasn't going to mention my birthday, but Loria went ahead and wished me happy birthday anyway :) so yes, it's my birthday. I've had a lovely day. It's been lovely weather and I spent time with loved ones. And I have people coming round at the weekend. What more could anyone ask for.

I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.


loria said...

awww I'm a bit sorry to have 'outed' you about the birthday, but all the same I did remember this year and I'm very proud ;)

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the tone of this journal? You know what an Anglophile I am (and how much I adore the north, being a bit Scot somewhere in my muddled North American blood) and yet this journal gives me a very different insight than that which many of us Americans who only have BBC America to go on.

It makes me miss you all the more, though. I love you too and can't wait to visit one day again - and you know you are always welcome, even if you're old and grey. As long as you remain true to yourself you're always welcome in my home. xx

Anxious said...

Well, she didn't "out" your actual age, so not to worry!

Glad you had a nice day - there's something about the seaside/fish'n'chip combination that's just so right, isn't there?

b said...

No probs loria :) i'm impressed that you remembered, well done!

i'm glad you're loving the tone of this! i'm quite happy with it myself. i think my writing hasn't been focussed enough before and has just skirted round whatever happened to be uppermost, and so it's not been so interesting for other people to read.

and thanks for the invite. once i've paid off my debts and saved some money, i'm there :)

yes anxious, fish and chips always taste better seasoned with the sea air :)