Monday, 2 April 2007


We have a great view from our office. We're on quite high ground where we are, and I work on one of the top floors. (It's one of those bad reasons for staying in a job.)

Looking out of the window I can see the Tyne Bridge*. The Sage. Monument (or Grey's Monument, to give it its Sunday name).
All the iconic symbols of Newcastle (or, technically, NewcastleGateshead as the tourist people would have us believe these days). You can even see St James' Park. (Which is great for the Newcastle fans in the office, but slightly distressing for the Sunderland ones.)

Looking out at all that there is out there, it feels like you're at the hub of everything that goes on in the city. I could look out all day. On days when the sun shines, it's beautiful out there. The days when the fog covers the Tyne are rare but amazing. It looks like the world ends at the river banks. I've seen some amazing rainbows. Even on the grey days there's something to see.

I've always wished I could take my camera up to the roof and take photos. I've tried from the window, but my camera isn't good enough to filter out the reflections in the glass.

If we ever leave the building, whoever owns it could make money by putting in a viewing station for the tourists. Get the tour bus to stop there and charge to go up. They'd make a fortune.

Hell, if you look right round to one side, you can even see the Byker Wall. But that just makes you appreciate the beautiful things all the more, eh?

*Incidentally, what crazy genuis came up with that idea? Put a webcam on each tower of the bridge. Broadcast the pics live on the internet. I love it, but I can't explain why. Simple. Effective. Have a gold star.

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