Saturday, 21 April 2007

Snapshots of today

Out for a run this morning. Hard work at first but eventually I settle into a rhythm, telling myself 'that's a quarter of the way', 'that's a third', 'that's a half'. I run my whole route without stopping, and return home hot and exhausted but happy.

D teaches me to change a tyre. I've been shown but I've never done it myself before. I think it's something everyone should be able to do, so I'm proud of myself.

Bus ride home tonight. The bus is quiet. Two couples get off the bus at the stop before me. I wonder where they've been, all dressed up, to be coming home so early. There's a couple a few seats in front of me; he's a bit big, looks like a charver. The girl is very big, her hair scraped back in an untidy ponytail. She's only half on the seat and I wonder why she doesn't sit on the seat in front as there are plenty empty.

Walking up the road from the bus stop there's a smell of smoke in the air and I wonder if someone's had a bonfire. The air is silent. I always love the walk back from the bus after a late-night Samaritans shift. I become aware of the quiet murmur of voices; there's a couple peering under the bonnet of a car as I walk past, discussing the clunking noise that it makes and trying to work out what's wrong by torchlight.

D watching a film and eating beans on toast as I get in, pausing the DVD to give me a kiss.

It's been a good day.

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