Friday, 6 April 2007

There's a Londoner working in the corner shop.

It's rather unnerving, for two reasons. One, that not many Londoners ever seem to move to Newcastle. There's one in work, but that's the only one I've ever met. Talking to her, I'm not sure why more southerners don't make the move up here - property prices are much better up here (although they're getting more expensive, it's going to be a long time before they even start to catch up with prices down south), the crime rate is lower, it's pretty much the only place in England with just as many health problems but we have better healthcare, it's more laid back here, the arts scene has started to rival the capital, everyone knows our reputation as a party city - why the whole country doesn't move up here post haste I'm not sure.


The other reason is that although we do get plenty of people coming here, the ones that do don't normally end up working in shops. I've no idea why, but you rarely hear anything but Geordie accents (or Durham or other accents from within the region) in shops. I'd love to know why.


Anxious said...

From my point of view, as a Londoner, I probably wouldn't move that far North simply because it's too far from friends and family who are scattered in the South. I already feel pretty isolated in the South West!

But obviously I can't speak for any other Londoners.

Plus, do you really want London dwellers (I hesitate to call them Londoners because many of them are not originally from London, they just chose to work/live there) coming up having sold their expensive London homes, pushing up your property prices even further with their increased buying power and pricing local people out of the market?

b said...

Good points anxious. The one in my office does have that problem - she recently had some quite serious health issues and her family couldn't come up to be with her and look after her - some of us in the office were saying how awful it was but then it occurred to me that maybe they just flat out couldn't afford to (and I know that some of them aren't able to travel that far anyway). Made me remember that you really shouldn't judge as you really don't always know what's going on.

I'm a northerner anyway, so it's not *that* far from where most of my friends and family are, but I do feel the lack of just being able to drop in on my friends and family. I have my husband's family, and that helps, but it's not the same.

The property prices are already being pushed up for that very reason - not people from anywhere in particular, but in many parts of Newcastle locals have been priced out of the market by private landlords, some from out of the area, buying up and renting out to students and the like. We live out of the city and I'd like to live nearer, but it's just not affordable. Maybe one day we'll get that lottery win (although I suppose we should meet them halfway and buy a ticket...!).