Friday, 18 May 2007


There was a man on my bus home that smelled.

Really, really bad.

It was one of those small buses that seem to have been compressed. There was only one pair of seats left when I got on and I sat down, pleased to get a window seat. But the pleasure only lasted a minute until the smell filtered through. I can normally deal with BO, but this was awful.

There were two side-facing seats left at the front of the bus, which was still sitting in the bus station. I weighed up my options and decided I had to move away. I didn't want to offend anyone but I felt ill.

A minute or two later, a couple of people got onto the bus, sat behind him, and left the bus which still hadn't left the bus station, complaining loudly about the smell.

At least I was more tactful than that.

It makes me sad though. He was an old man with white hair and he may just not realise. Does he not have any family that could wash his clothes, make him have a bath? Maybe he doesn't, and that's the saddest thing of all.

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