Tuesday, 22 May 2007

a changing city

There is so much changing in Newcastle at the minute.

It's about two years since the Brewery, the 'home of Newcastle Brown Ale' as you can see in the picture above, closed and production of Newcastle Brown Ale moved south of the river, in what felt to many like a massive betrayal. The buildings have stood empty since then, apart from one that's being used as a car park. Another has an optimistic banner offering office space.

But now the buildings are falling, one by one. The first one, arguably the nicest building with a lovely clock tower, went a couple of weeks ago. (It's the fourth photo down here.) The one wrapped in plastic will be the next to go, I guess.

I don't understand why one of the buildings, at least, couldn't have been saved. A brewery museum would have been pretty popular, I bet. It's such a shame to get rid of the asthetically pleasing buildings, although it'll be good to see a couple of them go.

In the meantime, this is what's going on round the corner. The nearer building is being built; the one in the background is being demolished. It's strange to watch the city change like this.


Anxious said...

I agree - why can't they reuse that lovely old building? What a waste...

b said...

I know. I just don't understand the reasoning of the powers that be (although I have a niggling feeling that the reason is 'we can make more money this way'). Urgh.