Monday, 7 May 2007

a confusion of colour

Bank holiday weekend. Sunshine, and strong wind. A 4.5m, hard running into the wind but lovely when it pushes me along. A quick shower before going out for a friend's birthday.

Sitting on the Quayside, warm in the sun but nearly blown away by the wind. Meeting good friends and new ones. Chips and onion rings, everyone dipping in. Moving from bar to bar, sticking to cokes until the dehydration from the run passes. Laughter. Friends asking if I've lost weight, wondering in a split second how to react (tell them about how frustrating it is that I only have one pair of work trousers that fit? that I always used to be OK in work and how I'm always cold now? tell them that I don't care about the numbers on the scales because it's the amount of exercise and the quality of the food you eat that count?) and then just taking the compliment they intend. Not the moment for a feminist rant, unfortunately.

Tiredness hitting, deciding to leave. Walking along the Quayside, a confusion of colour all around.
People everywhere; hen nights and stag dos, couples and groups. A girl asking for a light; I have to shake my head with a smile. Wanting to catch the yellow diesel-electric Quaylink bus but realising that I've misjudged the times and that if the bus is late I'll miss my bus home and have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Turning with a sigh to walk up Dean Street in my high heels, striding up the hill with an effort, heart beating hard. A couple asking where Marco Polo restaurant is; pointing them in the right direction, smiling again. A groups of guys walking down to the Quayside as I walk up; wishing I didn't have to walk past them. One of them trying to get on his friend's back for a piggyback, not doing very well; as his friend looks up and clocks me he says 'help, he's bumming me'. Quietly, not being loud and in your face about his joke. I smile despite myself.

Finally reaching the top of Northumberland Street. Seeing my bus go past towards the bus station, trying to figure out how much time I have before it comes back around. Watching the traffic lights, realising they're about to change. Wondering whether to run for the green man, reluctant to risk my boot heels, but when he appears I run nontheless. Reaching the bus stop and sinking onto the bench, legs needing a rest after the run and the heels. Seeing the bus come round the corner and sticking my arm out to make it stop, only standing up at the last minute.

I enjoyed my day.

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