Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Busy busy

Newcastle isn't drowning like the rest of the UK seems to be, but I am so, so sick of the rain.

There must be some people who like the rain. I know that moaning about it is a national passtime, but some people hate hot sunny weather. I like a variety of weather personally, so I really enjoy the beginning of each season. The changes they bring.

But anyone who likes the rain is keeping completely schtum at the minute. Everyone is moaning, constantly. It doesn't help that our building in work is on high ground, so you can see the rain coming and watch it move away. Even if it's not raining where we are, chances are we can watch the rain elsewhere.

So seeing as I have nothing interesting to say right now, I thought I'd let you see a picture of the most useless street sign I've ever seen. I have been going past it regularly for... probably years now, but I only noticed it was there the other day. And I know the photo is a bit blurry, but it's pretty much that hard to read anyway.

It reads 'John Dobson Street'.

Oh, and today I learned what the Danish Tablecloth technique is. Anyone care to venture a guess? Google is no help. I had to ask someone 'in the know'.


Imperatrix said...

My guess is the Danish Tablecloth technique is a tatting or linen embellishment technique.

loria said...

ummm... no idea on what a Danish Tablecloth is...

b said...

That's pretty much what I would have thought, too, but it was used in relation to facilitating an away day.

If you give up, I'll tell ya... :)