Monday, 18 June 2007

comparative grammar

only joint's

So read the graffiti on the 'no smoking' sign at East Boldon metro station as I travelled back to Newcastle after yesterday's race.

My soul was torn between despair at the fact that no one seems to understand apostrophes any more, and rejoicing at the fact that the little reprobate who did it cares so much (if misguidedly) that his or her grammar is correct.

On another topic, I hate shopping. Hate clothes shopping, and hate shoe shopping. One of my friends gets married on Saturday, though, and I didn't have anything to wear (this is the downside of running - your body shape changes and all your clothes look ridiculous). So I went to the metro centre. Bought four dresses and no shoes, but my mum has found the dress I really wanted at her local store in the size I need (that they didn't have either in the Metro centre or Newcastle. She's on her way out to buy it now and will post it to me tomorrow. I love my mum.


loria said...

oh god i hate shopping for clothes and don't get me started on shoes. i tend to run in and buy the first thing that fits because i just want to run out in fear!

Anxious said...

Sometimes I like shopping and other times I don't.

I prefer it when I don't have something specific to buy, though - too much pressure.

Well done on the 10k!

b said...

I nearly sat down in the middle of Debenhams and cried yesterday because the first time I went round I couldn't see a single thing I didn't detest. It got better after I went and had a cup of tea and calmed down though :) Anx, I think it was the pressure of knowing I had to get SOMETHING that made it horrible.

Thanks about the 10k! I got the photos this morning and although I look a bit knackered I don't look as bad as last year's, hurrah!