Saturday, 2 June 2007


Imagine you're a child, about seven years old. Imagine you live in a small terraced house on Tyneside, in Wallsend, a busy house with lots of brothers and sisters. With family and friends in and out all the time. Imagine your street runs down to the river, the water near the end of your road.

Imagine you go out to play and look down towards the river. Imagine a giant ship rising out of the river, dwarfing your street, your house, you. This gives some idea of what it must have been like.

I wrote a little while ago about shipbuilding. Yesterday I saw that the cranes are being dismantled. Some are being packaged up and sent to India, while some are just being scrapped. The smallest ones are going first, which will make the loss of the last ones all the more poignant.

What with
Newcastle is changing incredibly quickly at the minute. There are still many social problems and 'bad' areas but there is a lot of money being poured in.

I hope that all the new developments live up to their promise.

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