Saturday, 9 June 2007

note to self: don't have babies til more mature

me: so should we have a baby?
him: maybe. where were you thinking of getting one from? i can see if they have any in in kwik save, i think they had some in the advert.
me: i think that was somerfield...

we then spent half an hour categorising our DVDs by title alone to see which categories were best for the films we have. it started with 'how many of our DVDs have titles that start with a number' but we missed such gems as '51st state' and 'eight legged freaks' til much later. we then moved on to
  • 'DVDs with a person's name in the title'
  • 'DVDs with a title that's a complete sentence' (just batman begins)
  • 'job titles' involved a lively debate about whether 'leatherface' counted
  • geographical phenomena, (deep rising, deep blue sea, the hole, tremors)
  • geometric shapes (spiral, dark star, cube)
  • religious themed concepts (prophecy, underworld, dogma, jason goes to hell/from hell, nightmare before christmas, and more i can't remember right now).
tons of fun, but considering that was how quickly a semi-serious 'should we have kids yet' talk got derailed? probably best we don't do it quite yet.

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