Tuesday, 5 June 2007

a change of attichood

I got tons more done today. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but last night I got completely sick of it all and reread my Weekend Life Coach book and decided I needed to be more positive about everything. Today, I got through most of the incredibly important things on my list and I feel tons better about being off all day tomorrow. So that's nice.

Anyway, so I know that there are people dropping by here from all over the place, since I put in that tracker down there *points to bottom of menu on the right* Not a huge number (like... three a day), but enough for me to get curious.

But not many of you are saying hello. So, say hi! Even if you don't plan to come back here ever again. Drop into the comment box. Say hi, and whether you do plan to come back. Give me a cheery wave. Tell me what you think of this place. Whatever you like. Don't hold back.

I like this blogging malarky. But it seems a bit pointless if noone talks back to me.


overnighteditor said...



b said...

Wow. I just got my copy of Shaggy Blog stories and read it last night. I feel like royalty has dropped in!

Thanks overnighteditor.

Blue Witch said...

Erm. hello :)

b said...

Hi BW. Nice to see you here :)

Anxious said...

Blimey, overnight editor, eh?
You are indeed honoured ;)

b said...

I know! I've gone all shy :)

Alda said...


I completely understand your feelings btw. Even though I have a good number of readers on my blog, they don't seem to be a very vocal bunch. Some blogs get lots and lots of comments, but perhaps not that many readers. It's all very fickle, is what I've decided. :)

b said...

Thanks Alda. I feel better that a few people did comment on this (and again, overnighteditor?! *is very excited*)