Thursday, 14 June 2007

star worship

I got two books signed tonight by my fave author, Val McDermid. Got to ask her a question and tell her I used to work in a unit run by her cousin. Most exciting.

I totally went all giggly and blushed. I've never met anyone famous before and I'm kinda relieved, now.

And she was talking about the art and craft of writing (crime fiction specifically, obviously), so that makes it college work. Kinda. Sorta.

Don't shoot me, OK? I've been a fan for about a million years and never got to see her. I couldn't miss it. And I'm not really here now. It's just someone's imagination. Not mine. That's crazy talk.

*backs away slowly, whistling nonchalantly*


l-q-s said...

Don't think it's crazy at all. There's something about seeing someone who you admire up close and in the flesh that nothing can touch. And I've always liked any of her books that I've read. :)

b said...

Thanks l-q-s :) nice to know someone understands!

loria said...

ieee! can you tell me one of hers I absolutely must read? i obv havent read any of them and i know now i must!

(you should have seen me when i first met neil gaiman. my favourite author. i nearly died when he commented on my tori amos tshirt. what a dork i was)