Thursday, 28 June 2007

Tired. Tired tired tired. Need there to be lots of extra time, because I can't fit everything in. I have an overnight at the weekend too so had better catch up on sleep before that eh?

Danish tablecloth technique, apparently, is where you have a big tablecloth split off into sections for all the people who are at the away day/event/whatever and you all write all over the tablecloth instead of on a flipchart. Apparently it encourages participation and all that. Thankfully, the person who told me didn't think it was fun.

(although... i could kinda believe it would be, if you ignored whatever you were supposed to do and just drew pretty pictures on the tablecloth. i did say was it like one of those italian restaurants where you had crayons to draw all over the tablecloth when you were a kid, but now wish i hadn't - i think she already thinks i'm loopy so now just thinks i'm uncouth too. i also used the word 'posh' about a restaurant to her the same day which probably set me up as being firmly lower class. i probably am, these days, but i was born middle class and coming across lower kind of makes me anxious. [not anxious, though. that would be weird.])

that was a long aside, eh?

I spoke to someone today who got to the 'danish tablecloth' point in the email and deleted it in disgust. I could understand.

I've discovered a fab little cafe restaurant in town, called Scrumpy Willow and the Singing Kettle. Name aside, it's fantastic. Has veggie and vegan food clearly labelled, but also locally sourced organic meat for the carnivores. Love it.

I walked past a guy in a suit today who was middle aged, wearing a suit, looking respectable... and smelled really strongly of marijuana. I wondered if he realised just how noticeable it was.

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Imperatrix said...

The Danish Tablecloth technique is now the newest entry in my list of "Why Am Am Eternally Grateful That I Don't Work in an Office". Yeesh!