Friday, 27 July 2007


It was a beautiful evening.

I got my assignment done. I don't know that I'll get as good a mark on this one as the last, because 25% of the marks go on explaining why you made the decisions you did, and that isn't my strong point.

Still, this is just the first course. The next one starts at the end of September.

The day before the Great North Run. Interesting timing, eh?

It was a beautiful evening. I hope tomorrow is the same.


Anxious said...

Are you doing the Great North Run then?

b said...

Yep. I'm not entirely sure it was my best idea ever, but there you go. I'm running for the Children's Foundation which is a north east charity. And I really need to start training again in earnest cause I've been sloping off the last few weeks. I'll be off for a 4 mile run later today :)

Anxious said...

Oooh, it's supposed to be a fantastic event. I did the Great South Run (10 miles) and the atmosphere was great.

Good luck with the training!