Sunday, 15 July 2007

It was the Newcastle Race for Life today. In fact, there are two of them; the first was this morning at 10.30, and the next starts in 30 minutes as I type, at 2.30pm. The last few have taken place at the Racecourse, which has been mixed - the first couple I did were really good, then I skipped a year, then last year's was awful - completely disorganised, people getting in the way of the start line, noone even seeing sure which way we were meant to go through the start line, a bottleneck over a tiny bridge that only one person could cross at once - pretty bad. I wrote to complain and didn't get a reply, but I'm guessing those problems had a lot to do with the change of venue to Exhibition Park which is also far handier, being right in the middle of town.

I looked at the bus timetable last night and figured out I needed to get the 9.20 bus into Newcastle to have enough time to get where I was going. I put my alarm on for 8.05 so I'd have plenty of time to get my breakfast and be able to digest it before the race started, have a quick shower, get dressed and go.

I found it hard to get to sleep last night, then I woke up at 5.45, then 6.50. After that I have no recollection of anything happening til 9.05am. I don't think I slept through my alarm as it keep going off every nine minutes til you switch it off, but I don't remember it going off, unless I switched it off in my sleep. Anyway, after two minutes of utter panic (should I try for the bus, get the next one and risk being late, phone a taxi?) I decided to go for it. I made and ate my breakfast in superquick time, threw on the clothes that I'd left out the night before in a fit of organised-ness, picked up my running number and safety pins, threw on my trainers (tied the laces at the bus stop!) and ran for it. I left the house 4 minutes before the bus was due, arrived 2 minutes before, and the bus was a minute late.

Go me.

My time wasn't great (my 5k times aren't improving at all, but I blame that on the fact I train longer not faster) - 33m 15, which means I'm going at only a slightly quicker pace in a 5k than for a 10k - and anyway, the course was slightly short because it had to be altered after the recent weather which makes it even worse! Oh well. It was hot, too; I was far too hot by the end and had to walk a good proportion of the last k. But I finished, which is always going to beat staying in bed on a Sunday morning.

I also discovered that tucked away in Exhibition Park (which I'd never been into before) there is a Military Vehicles Museum. I've lived in Newcastle, on and off, for *counts* quite a few years now, and I didn't even know there was a Military Vehicles Museum here. Apparently D knew, but hasn't been since he was very small. It seems to be closed at the minute, anyway, but still. It's amazing what there still is to find, tucked away in corners of the city.

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Clare said...

I should have done Race for Life, too. I did it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Next year maybe...