Friday, 27 July 2007


The Magpies won 4-1 last night. The local newsreader on BBC Breakfast cracked me up by reporting that Newcastle trounced Celtic. I'm sure that's not the official word for that kind of thing.

Apparently 15 Celtic fans were arrested. 5,000 were in Newcastle, so that's a small proportion, but it's still a shame. The police reported that most fans were good natured and the ones that were arrested were only for minor offences, but still.


pierre l said...

So, did you manage to submit your last assignment?
I had a long and enjoyable visit in your archives last night; I will go and read some more soon.
It's good to see you were reading Clare's book some time back. I have spent many happy hours in her archives - well worth exploring if you have spare time.
And while a few arrests is unfortunate, it's a lot better than a riot...

b said...

Submitted it tonight. A whole couple of hours before the deadline. I'm finished with OU til September, now, so i'll have to concentrate on the running :)

Glad you've been enjoying the archives! Yes Clare's book was fab. Can't wait for the next :)

And that is a good point about a few arrests being the better option... very true.