Friday, 31 August 2007

flight paths

I don't know if the flight paths have changed at Newcastle Airport, but I'm seeing more and more planes flying overhead. I stop to watch them often, see if the colours are those of easyjet, BA or another company.

(I'm not very good at plane identifying, so those are the only ones I can normally recognise.)

Anyway. They seem to fly right over the house - the airport is 6 miles away, which I suppose isn't very far away in plane-landing terms (or even 'as the plane flies....'), but it sometimes seems that they'll never make it.

I was playing on easyjet last night and found some cheap-ish flights to where my sister N lives in Germany. She's been on holiday and has now gone back to having S, A and one of our cousins visiting. Hopefully once they've gone she'll let me know when she's free and i can find a date to go and visit... sometime when she's not a) on holiday, b) visiting the UK, c) already got people visiting and i'm not a) on an unswappable samaritans shift or b) off racing my fellow runners somewhere.

I haven't been out to visit her since last summer. I've seen her at our parent's house, but i want to go visit again. I can't wait.
In other news, facts about B has been updated. i never know whether to point out if i update it, but i didn't last time, so why not, eh?

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pierre l said...

That is an excellent update to "facts about b". Good for you! I think it worthwhile pointing out that it has been changed because I suspect that only new readers would go and look there.
Flight paths are strange. We are about 20 miles away from Heathrow; some days there are quite a few planes overhead, and then nothing for weeks or months.
I still miss the daily (circa 1900) visit from Mme Concorde thought. We were always on her flight path, it seemed.