Thursday, 30 August 2007


The moon is rising at the end of our street. When I turned into our street, walking home from the bus stop, it was directly ahead of me. Low in the sky, misty, a tinge of pink staining the clouds behind over a velvet blue sky.

People think the north east is ugly, but there is beauty everywhere. You just need to look for it.


pierre l said...

I have never been anywhere near Newcastle, but I can say that the rising moon is very impressive, particularly when it's round and looking really large.
Sorry for the belated comment - I read all your posts are they appear, but I have been short of ideas for comments. It's good to see that you found Clare Sudbery again though. Thank you for the excellent kinja suggestion - very useful.

b said...

no probs about comments being belated - i'll take comments at any stage :) and although they are appreciated, they are not compulsory (even though i might sound like they are at times!)