Tuesday, 21 August 2007

not how i planned

The plan for tonight was as follows:
  • get into town
  • go to see Interpol at the Academy
  • meet up with D's uncle for a quick drink afterwards if possible before he had to catch his metro home
What actually happened was:
  • get into town, go to Academy
  • wonder idly why it's taking so long for the support band to come on and why those people just wandered on stage and carried off the guitars
  • hear that Carlos D has been taken to hospital and that the gig is off, to be rescheduled at an unknown time
  • go for a slightly looooonger drink with D's uncle and some random other people
  • turn round after being in a bar for about 45 minutes and realise that a girl sitting at the table nearest us is a girl I shared a house with at uni, that I haven't seen for over ten years, but who I just found and friended on facebook (after weeks of trying to remember her damned surname). Yesterday.
It was one of the more surreal experiences of my life. We've arranged to meet up at some point when we're both a little more sober and catch up properly.

I'm disappointed about the gig, obviously, but I can't say I'm disappointed about how things turned out. I got to meet up with A, D got to catch up with his uncle, and the gig will be rescheduled. Things could be a lot worse.


pierre l said...

It does sound like a good coincidence. It looks as though Facebook does have its uses, although I have resisted joining so far. I did register for myspace a few weeks ago, but I haven't done anything with it yet (not even uploading a picture of myself). Hope everything is OK with you, and look forward to reading some more (but only when it's fun for you, of course).
I am now off to read the Icelandic Weather Report; it is slightly strange that, although I enjoy reading her, I never go there except after I've visited you.

b said...

Facebook is fab for finding the people you want to be in touch with - I've never thought much of friendsreunited and i really have never seen the point of myspace, but that's just me.

That is really bizarre about IWR - I wonder what it is that makes you go from one to the other. Maybe it's the 'local flavour' theme? Who can say :)

pierre l said...

It's not bizarre at all... As you know, I don't have a blog, so no blogroll. I have six of the blogs I started with as bookmarks (lots of others as well, but they are not visible without scrolling). The ones I visit daily, like yours, appear on a drop-down menu of places I've been to recently (where I have actually typed the link, not just clicked on it); those links are kept for 7 days and disappear if unused. I used to rely on little.red.boat's blogroll to find other sites I visit occasionally, but she's removed it now; I do use Clare's as well.

From time to time, I look as your blogroll. Six of the items there are on my daily list already. I then go to IWR and enjoy what I see (I mostly lurk on that one), and follow various links/commentors.

b said...

I like my kinja (see http://www.kinja.com/user/watchinggeordielife/default ) for keeping up with people - you don't need a blog for it and it lets you know when people update. Having said that it is a bit unreliable and doesn't seem to like anx for some reason - keeps missing her updates, which is annoying.

I tend to type my most regularly used sites too rather than bookmark them. Nice to know it's not just me :)