Sunday, 16 September 2007

1) I don't believe the McCanns did it, which apparently puts me in a minority, compared to people who vote on these things on the internet. Most people I have actually spoken to, though, seem to agree with me. Good on Richard Branson giving them £100,000 to help clear their names.

2) I don't care about Keira Knightley. She was great in The Hole, but now I just want her to go away. I don't dislike her personally, I'm just sick of all the hype.

3) I don't understand all the panicking about Northern Rock (although fair enough to the guy that wanted to withdraw £250k - I wouldn't want to risk *that* amount of money). In the unlikely event it collapses, you should get most of your money back anyway.

4) Colin McRae is dead. So sad for his wife and daughter.

This pretty much random post was brought to you by a quick late-night trek round the Times website.


pierre l said...

On item 1, I'm with the point of view recently expressed in some places: if they had done it, what would the have done with the body for three weeks while being observed by the media and police. I don't normally read Lucy Pepper (, but she has a piece this weekend about the case from the point of a British woman living in Portugal, (grabbing...wrong-end...branding iron). While I have listened to the reports on the radio, I mostly haven't read the articles in the papers, nor have I felt inclined to vote on the Internet.
On item 3, if the bank collapsed, you would get around 90% of your money back up to around £30k. (so the £250k is at some risk). still very unlikely though (and if only I had £30k to put in a bank...).
Thank you for pointing me towards kinja; I have been using yours for a while, but have finally set mine up last night, and this morning your new post comes up first - hurray! (my user id is "pierrel", in case you want to look at my virtual blogroll...)

pierre l said...

Sad news, re number 4. No opinion on number 2.

b said...

Well that's exactly what I think. The media have been watching them 24-7 - when on *earth* are they supposed to have moved the body? I also can't believe that if they killed her accidentally they wouldn't have either a) said so immediately, or b) cracked by now. Thanks for the link to Lucy Pepper, will be adding her! It was a great post. I had someone say to me yesterday 'I don't warm to Kate McCann at all' and my reaction is.... how is that relevant? What does that have to do with the price of fish? I just don't geddit.

Fair enough for those who have more than £35k, take your money out, but I'll bet that most people are taking out far smaller amounts.

I spotted you had set up a kinja, yay! I do think they are very helpful to keep track of what's going on :)

loria said...

1) i've not really been up to date on the whole McCann's thing, but it is very sad that they left her alone in the first place and this had to happen. how many parents do things like this 'just this once'?

2) i liked bend it like beckham, and i enjoyed the pirates of the caribbean movies but for johnny depp mostly. KK is ok, but i generally find it all a bit dull to be so celebrity crazy.

3) ugh. finances.

*hugs* to you :D

b said...

the one thing that i do think is horrible is that they seemed to have been sedating the kids while they went out. but for chrissakes, they have been punished for that overandoverandover, every second they don't know what has happened to their daughter, as well as for leaving them alone in the first place.

loved run fatboy run. *completely* ridiculous, very childish in places, but also hilarious. Dylan Moran was totally great, I'm not normally a huge fan of his but he was fantastic in this. there is no way thandie newton would EVER be with Simon Pegg, but they sold it very well. she's pretty. i think you will like!

loria said...

gaaahhh love dylan - looove him. have obscene thoughts about bernard black (how wrong is that?!)
and i know, thandie with the peggster? no way. *i* should be with that... if only for his comic collection in Spaced.

run fatboy run isn't out here until late october :( can't wait!!!

b said...

you have to let me know what you think when you see it :)