Friday, 14 September 2007

Aren't dandelions and daisies supposed to stop flowering by now? Because they're both flowering on our front lawn.

The weather this year has been really messed up.


Did I mention that I lost my digital camera? I searched and searched but it's not in the house. After I threw a load of stuff out, and gave a load more to charidee. I'd even rather it went to the charity shop than just ended up in landfill somewhere. So I'm back to the crappy really old camera. Not impressed. Not impressed at all.


pierre l said...

We too have things flowering in the grass. Very sorry to read about the loss of your digital camera. Any chance that you may have missed somewhere in your search, or is it definitely gone?

b said...

Yeah, I'm quite mad about the camera myself. I've searched the whole house three times and D has searched it twice, every nook and cranny, so I think it's gone forever :(

pierre l said...

:( indeed! very sorry for you.