Tuesday, 4 September 2007

changes aplenty

I started a new job a little while ago. Yes, it's goodbye to the view and the centre of town. I'm now working in Jesmond, just outside the city centre. It's a little nearer home, a nice chunk more pay and new responsibilities. More things to learn, more seniority, new people to meet, and a good move for me, I think.

Today I went for a little explore at lunch. It's possible to go into town at lunch, but it's a bit of a walk away so I'm not tending to go in unless I actually need to. Instead, I walked up the road to see what was there. I like to get away from my desk at lunch and there's nowhere really in the new building to eat away from your desk, so I'm making an effort to get out before I eat. Today was sunny and warm, a perfect day to explore.

I thought I knew Jesmond fairly well, but today I discovered a section hidden away behind the metro line. An exclusive accessories boutique. A small deli called County Whey that has pickled quails eggs along with the smoked salmon sandwiches. A post office that had no queue at 12.30 - that's unheard of in Newcastle, and I would guess most places these days.

The houses are well cared for and probably cost a fortune. The streets were clean. But at the end of the main road is a sign saying '
straight on: motorway traffic only' and if you don't turn off you find yourself on the Central Motorway, a very short section of motorway that is terrifying if you've never travelled on it before (and pretty damned scary even if you know it well).

It's a really bizarre little place.

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