Wednesday, 12 September 2007

like huge confetti

I was walking along to the bus stop after work when I saw a sheet of A4 paper lying on the floor. I looked closer; it was the front page of a CV. I paused, wondering what to do. Pick it up, or walk on by?

I picked it up. I didn't like to think that if I managed to drop my CV somewhere people would just leave it lying, waiting for the next identity thief to walk by. But then I noticed the next two copies. And the next. Eleven copies lay on the floor, complete with date of birth and contact details - mobile number, address, email. I stopped and picked them all up, half wishing I'd never started, wondering what the people passing by were thinking, noticing the tyre marks and footprints on some of the pages, tiny pebbles ground into the paper.

How on earth it got there I have no idea, but I can't help but wonder. Dropped unnoticed from a folder? Blown out of a car window? Grabbed and strewn everywhere by school bullies? And I want to know whether anyone else would have picked it up if I hadn't happened to walk past. Whether they would have just been stuck in the bin somewhere, just as handy for identity thieves.

I've put them in my shredding pile, I'll deal with them later.


Imperatrix said...

That was nice of you!

(And the victim doesn't even know how nice you were!)

pierre l said...

And the victim will probably do it again...