Tuesday, 18 September 2007

student life

When I was a fresher, fresher's week was fun. Lots of finding out about what societies were out there, learning to look after yourself, going out and having fun. Nights out, sure, but lots of other stuff going on in the day.

There never used to be girls standing round in long sleeved t shirts and what can only be described as knickers at my freshers' week, trying to entice people into bars. But that's what I saw walking past Luckies yesterday lunchtime. Loud music blaring out of large speakers. I guess the students are back.

Outside Tiger Tiger there are girls on rollerskates, giving out vouchers for a free soft drink when you order from their £3 lunch menu.

I know Newcastle has a reputation as a party city, and that's OK. I don't mind people having fun; I like people having fun. But I hate the fun being all about the scantily clad women, the drink, the clothes. About how much money you have. About lecture theatres being full of people in designer clothing, talking about how much debt they're in.

I hate the fact that when I first lived here, there were no strip clubs and now there are at least two. I do like the fact that there's no red light district here, even though I'm sure that that doesn't cut the amount of prostitution out there.

I wish I thought I could change it. But I don't really think I can.

Things change. Hopefully at some point the pendulum will swing back.

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