Thursday, 6 September 2007


Ways I can tell that the schools are back round here:
  • I arrived at the bus stop 5 minutes earlier than yesterday and arrived at work 5 minutes later. Take that, gods of logic!
  • The crowds of children at the bus stop, talking tough and comparing members of the opposite sex
  • The fact that someone seems to have turned up the volume at the bus stop.
I hate it when the schools go back. It seems an age since they broke up and I get spoiled over the summer, hardly any time to get into town and the bus stop is a quiet refuge. It's jarring when suddenly they're everywhere again, impossible to ignore and exploding drinks cartons filled with dyed red water all over the back of my WHITE JEANS.

Generally speaking, I don't mind them too much. I'd rather they got all the boisterous behavour out of the way before they get to school so they can concentrate while they're there. But stamping on their drink carton about three feet away from me so the splashes hit the back of my legs? That might have coloured my opinion against them slightly.

Little bastards.

Ahem. I will calm down soon. As soon as the stains come out....


l-q-s said...

Oh, the traffic. Oh, the bloody roadworks that the council haven't managed to complete before recommencement of term time at the end of our (really really very busy) road. Oh, the queues of cars and nowhere to park in the vicinity of the school. And the fact that it takes 15 minutes to do what should be a 4 minute journey. *sigh* But it's good for them to be back in school. I think kids get a bit lost over the summer time, especially the younger ones.

Still, bursting drinks cartons is just silly. Report them to the school. Our secondary school used to have endless complaints about students behaviour at bus stops and down at the local shops. I wouldn't have had the principal's job for all the tea in China, I can tell you! :) Hope your jeans have recovered.

b said...

I saw a sign on the way home that roadworks are going to start on the main road out of town soon. Why, pray, couldn't they have brought them forward to get it down when it was quiet over summer? I despair, I really do :)

I know it was their first (or second, not sure) day back, and to be honest, I mostly just let them get on with it. I didn't even complain when they used to smoke in the bus shelter, blatantly far too young (and I felt that I should, really, but couldn't bear to get them in trouble - stupid eh?) They do that bursting drinks thing quite regularly, but normally they *do* make sure they're clear of everyone nearby. I will let them have that one, but anything else and I will start complaining.....

I've calmed down really now, though :)