Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I opened my wallet as I got to the cashpoint in Virgin. But there was a big gaping hole where my credit card should have been.

I thrust the CD at the guy behind the counter. 'I'm coming back for that, but I've lost my credit card', I explained. He nodded but any reply he made I didn't register at all. I must have looked completely panic stricken.

I half-ran out of the shop, making my way back towards Lush where I'd just spent £6 I could justify on shampoo and £4.40 I wouldn't justify at all on bath products. I checked my wallet compulsively as I retraced my footsteps, not wanting to get in there only to find out I'd just put it in the wrong slot. But as I went back in, asking breathlessly whether I'd left my credit card, the girl with the pink hair saw me and got her colleague to pass the card on to me from where they'd safely stashed it behind the counter.

It could only have been five minutes from leaving my card to getting back and picking it up again, but it was a long five minutes. They told me that they'd looked out onto the street as soon as they realised, trying to see where I'd gone, but I walk fast at lunchtimes to keep them as short as I can.

So thanks to the staff of Lush Newcastle. I didn't thank them properly, so I'm going to write and tell them how grateful I am.

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pierre l said...

oh dear, B. Hurray for Lush Newcastle.