Friday, 12 October 2007

the bad, the good

I was out running just before. A guy in a high viz jacket walked towards me; I went to catch his eye as I passed him (I find that most people are much more sociable to runners round here than follow pedestrians so I usually make eye contact and sometimes say hi) only to realise that he was staring in the general direction of my chest and smirking. Ew.

I wear a very supportive sp0rts br@, so it's not like they were bouncing or anything. Just Ew.

The better: in the next 6 months D and I are going to see the Editors, Interpol and the Cure. As he just pointed out, it's going to be a depressing winter.....!

(a short post today. i thought i'd give you a chance to catch up after all the long posts. i'm nothing if not considerate towards my readers, eh?!)


Imperatrix said...

Gack. Sometimes men can be such ... pigs.

pierre l said...

some men...

Anonymous said...

Yes, some men. most are lovely, but the bad ones really can be just horrible. That one was particularly bad, but luckily, I didn't have to put up with him for long.

(From a non-logged-in B)

pierre l said...

You are certainly lovely and very considerate to your readers. I don't know where my weekend went - I still haven't caught up with your recent posts (I have read them, but not thoroughly enough to write comments just yet).

b said...

I am indeed very lovely!!!! ;)

I'm not sure where my weekend went either. Back to work tomorrow (....err, did I mention I was on leave last week??!); will be a long day so definitely no post tomorrow. Possibly one last one tonight before a few days off recovering from the shock to the system that going back to work will be.

And bless, you don't need to write comments on *everything* I write. Just most of them will be fine ;)