Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It's unashamedly dark, now, when I wake up. I've not wanted to admit it before, but I can't get away from it now. I hate waking up and thinking it's the middle of the night - only for my alarm to go off two minutes later.

It's especially confusing when some days, the weather is beautifully warm during the day. On Saturday, the sun was glorious. The weather this year has been insane.

I don't like the darkness of winter. I can deal with the cold, the rain, the snow. But the blackness that seems to pervade everything is horrible. I don't officially suffer from SAD, but I think most people get it to some mild degree, and I'm one.

I haven't been out running more than once since the GNR. I don't think that helps much, either. My body is missing it, but my brain doesn't have the strength. I know it will help, though. Maybe tonight.


Imperatrix said...

You aren't strange. I think most people are like you.

It's folks like me, who much prefer short days and much darkness, who are the weirdos. (AT least, that's what the Consort tells me!)

b said...

Well I'm glad you exist, because if EVERYONE hated this darkness, I'd really think that something or someone messed up somewhere along the way :)

pierre l said...

I don't think I have SAD as such, But going to work in the dark followed by getting back home in the dark isn't much fun.
I hope you will feel up to training again soon, in spite of the darkness.