Friday, 19 October 2007

Further thoughts on a great night

When Interpol cancelled, Editors was like a consolation prize. Something that would be good, but not as good as Interpol would be.

Now, though. We have the Cure to look forward to, and the memory of an unbelievably good Editors gig. Interpol, great though they are, are going to have to pull off something fantastic to impress me.

I have to say, though, All Sparks was a bit disappointing. D pointed out that I've never been totally convinced by the song, but there are other songs that I wasn't overly keen on that were suddenly taken to a new level when heard live. I've been singing some of them today. All Sparks though followed the new single,
Banging Heads, and I think the problem was that that track was so fast and heavy and utterly great that All Sparks really suffered following directly after it. It seemed slow and plodding, and I think it would have been better placed somewhere else on the playlist.

I'm sure they water down the lager in the Academy. It didn't taste as strong as it should've, and I was stone cold sober when we got home. Even though I'm a lightweight and can't take my beer (cheap date!!). Even the lemonade tasted weak.

The woman sitting in the row in front of me drove me mad with waving arms and clapping over her head. If she'd done it more constantly I would have actually asked her not to (or at least to have kept her arms relatively still so I didn't have to constantly move to get a good view of the stage), but she stopped and started, so I didn't.

Still, though, at least she was enjoying herself. The woman sitting next to me had no interest in being there at all. She didn't move, speak or crack a smile all night. The guy she was with loved it, though. I would rather have gone on my own than know whoever I was there with was hating it so much.

As we climbed down the stairs to leave the venue, an Interpol song was playing over the loudspeakers, which
seemed a little tactless given the Interpol gig circumstances....

Still on a music high.

Review from the Chronicle. Not the greatest review in the world.

This is better, and includes a few moments I wish I hadn't missed. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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