Tuesday, 23 October 2007

in the style of facebook

B is very upset because she's lost her CD that has the 1812 overture and Night on a Bare Mountain on it and she really wants to listen to them.


pierre l said...

as pierre doesn't use facebook, he is not sure whether this writing in the third person is the facebook way, or whether b is experimenting with a different style of writing.
pierre is sorry that b is having trouble finding her cd, and he hopes that she will find it soon and be happy again.
this comment was written in the style of enidd (third person, no capitals), but enidd is much funnier. she can be found at:
pierre reads her from time to time, and she can be very funny.
if b wants to be entertained,
is also well known for writing in the third person (albeit with the use of capitals); again, pierre reads him from time to time, but always finds him funny.
pierre wishes b a good evening, and a found cd. he quite enjoys writing in this slightly strange way.

b said...

heee :)

status updates on facebook have to start 'b is' so you get used to talking like that. b is unlikely to take it up permanently :)

b would also like to thank pierre for the links. she has visited those places in the past but forgotten about them.