Monday, 22 October 2007

Morning detour

We turn to go down the slip road from the roundabout, but there is a problem. The traffic is backed up all the way to the dual carriageway. At first I think it's just the morning rush hour, worse than usual, but we don't seem to be getting any closer even with the cars ahead of us giving up and turning round. Then I spot the blue flashing lights. Two, three police cars. A fire engine. Two ambulances.

A car crash, and the whole road is blocked.

Noone seems to have taken charge yet; noone is here stopping the traffic from coming down the slip road, although most of the cars have turned round. The bus driver waits til they have gone, swings round, before reversing. Into the barriers behind.
There's a nasty crunch. I'm sitting on the back seat; it's a little scary. I look round to my left, and see a policeman wearing high viz vest walking up the slip road towards us as the bus swings around and hits the roadabout once more.

He doesn't do what I expect though and cut down to the parallel road. He takes the dual carriageway going the opposite direction, out towards the coast. Fair enough, I think; he can go out to the next exit and get back onto the main road into town. But I've forgotten - and I suspect the driver has, too - that there are no places to get onto the dual carriageway from this direction until you're halfway out to the coast.

Finally we're going the right direction into town. When we finally reach the point where the crash happened, I look out. A man, strapped onto a stretcher, being lifted into one of two ambulances. One car; no sign of another car or victim. It's hard to know whether anyone else was involved, what has happened.

When I get off the bus, I look back to see if there is any sign of damage where the bus hit the railings. Nothing. Just a small white mark in the paintwork.

I left home in time to get to work for 8.55. It would have been the first time I'd been in before 9.15 that week. In the end, I didn't arrive til 9.20am.

I check the local news sites when I get home that night. Nothing. It's like the accident didn't happen.


Imperatrix said...

That's such a curious aspect of news. They'll report stupid stuff (winner of a hot-dog eating contest), but not mention car crashes.

Or, they'll fill you up with a story for days on end, and then ... nothing. So that a few weeks later you think, "Hey, whatever happened to that woman who...?"

b said...

It really was weird. It's like it didn't really happen. Kind of like a really dull episode of Lost.

Did you get all the reports about the Pakistan cricket coach dying earlier this year over there? One of my friends was asking about that before. All the news over here was all MURDER, MURDER, MURDER and then suddenly they really quietly said '...actually no, accidental death'. THe inquest is just starting, and it seems noone knows what happened still. All very weird. If you have not idea what I'm talking about you can click here.

Imperatrix said...

Yes! That's *exactly* the sort of thing I was thinking of. And I hadn't heard that they decided there was no foul play. Thanks for that!