Monday, 19 November 2007


I sewed a button on a shirt that has been missing said button for almost a year today.

That's the heady heights of excitement that are being reached around here at the mo.

I could tell you about managing to lock D out while I was drunk last night if you're interested?


John said...

What colour was the button?! Which hole was it missing from?! WHAT WAS THE GARMENT?!

pierre l said...

I wouldn't have been able to find the button after a year.

b said...

Pale blue. Right shirt sleeve. Errr, shirt :) It was quite traumatic, I didn't have the right coloured thread and the closest match I had was only a really short end of thread, so it was quite a challenge I can tell you!

... oh. right. you were joking, weren't you? ;)

and pierre, i do believe that the fact i've known exactly where the button was ALL year outs me as really pretty damned sad.

Imperatrix said...

Every one of my soft and warm plaid shirts are missing a sleeve button. I even picked up another one at the thrift store, and it was missing a button, too!

I hope you were forgiven for the locking out! Sure, tell us the tale!