Thursday, 15 November 2007

Markets at Shields

North Shields wants a market. But South Shields is stopping it.

The problem is that South Shields has a charter from the 13th century enabling it to block anyone who wants to start a market within 'a day's donkey ride'. That's taken to be 6 2/3 miles. North Shields is right opposite South Shields on the mouth of the River Tyne, so whenever the idea is raised, they seem to wave their charter around (literally or figuratively, I've no idea) and put the stoppers on it.

Thing is, I really don't get what's going on. Sure, they're less than 6 2/3 miles away - as the crow flies. But you wouldn't get very far trying to ride a donkey across the river. And going around the long way is longer than that.

People are strange round here, that's for sure.


Imperatrix said...

Goodness! Clearly, the North Shieldians don't want a market deeply enough. Otherwise there would be a market. (I can see it now: A boycott of all S. Shield shops by N. Shieldians, a tremendous drop in S. Shield income, and The Man [AKA South Shields] acquiesces and the donkey rule is cut.

Power to the people!

John said...

Even I want a market there and I'm not even from the area. It winds me up when people do things like this, start kicking off about things that don't and won't affect them.

By the way, sorry if you have been attempting to access my profile or have struggled to leave comments on my blog, I have only just looked in my settings and realised I have been denying most of my visitors the right to do anything. Thanks for the comments you have left though :)

Caroline said...

Would like to add an Amen to your final statement.

b said...

Caroline, I read your comment and couldn't remember what my last statement had been. I nearly choked on my porridge when I reread :)

john, cheers for sorting the profile out. i thought you were being deliberately mysterious :)

imperatrix, mind if i use your battle plan??? I'll go and sort them out but don't have time to do everything. I'll make sure you are given full credit, of course :)