Sunday, 11 November 2007


I got the bus into town today. I was aware it's Remembrance Sunday, but had forgotten until I got into town at a couple of minutes past eleven. I got off the bus near the Civic Centre, and Barras Bridge was completely blocked off. Hundreds of people were there, remembering the dead.

I had to go, I was late for somewhere I needed to be. But I took a minute first to stand, thinking of my grandad and others who risked their lives for us in wars, who would never really be the same again.

I'm a pacifist, but I still respect the sacrifice they made.

It was a beautiful day, and somehow that seemed right. Sunny and crisp.


Imperatrix said...

I agree that we need to separate those who start the wars and those who actually fight them. To k ill another human being, we turn these young men and women into violent animals. Not a path they would have chosen on their own.

tinylondon said...

I always observe the 2 minutes silence, when the occasion arises, as I think it is healthy to stop and think of all the death and devastation that war brings with it.

b said...

...what these people said.

Caroline said...

Sacrifice is so the right word. I try to remove the political from it and focus on the men and the loss.

Loved this post

b said...

My grandad was always gentle. He taught me to talk. My first word at 6 weeks. Yes, it was a sacrifice for him to go and kill people.

I'm getting teary again. But that's right. We shouldn't be able to think of this calmly, without remembering.

thanks caroline. x