Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sensory assault

Monument is an assault to the senses right now. I smelled it before I saw or heard; the Continental Market is back. I could smell the smoke from the Bratwurst cooking, the scent of the Gluehwein. And then as I got closer to Monument, I could see it. All the stalls, selling so much stuff. Turkish delight. Croque monsieur. Clementines with big green leaves still attached. Kaki fruit (otherwise known as persimmon or sharon fruit). Marzipan. Handbags and soaps and all manner of meat.

The market was there last year too, just before Christmas. They had some amazing potato dish, fried with garlic. I shared some with my parents; it tasted fantastic. I hope that's back this year.

(My husband, allergic to garlic, loved us in the car journey back home.)

That market is on til 8th December. I'll have to take my camera in and have a proper explore before then. After that is a Winter Christmas market (... I'm not quite sure how that is different, but I'll report). There's a Fairtrade market in the Grainger Market on Saturday coming (unfortunately I'll be away) then Art and Craft Markets, again in the Grainger market, on Sat 8th, 15th and 22nd Dec.

Also, as I mentioned there, I'm away this weekend. Visiting one of my sisters who lives on the continent, as we say. Not strictly accurately; the UK is part of the continent of Europe, but we still say 'on the continent' for anywhere outside the UK. Not like we don't see ourselves as part of Europe or anything. D isn't going; he's working this weekend. So I can have some quality time with my sis. Yay!

Not sure if I'll be able to update again til I get back early next week, so my sudden burst of posting at the weekend earlier this week will just have to keep you going til then. See ya soon....


Imperatrix said...

Have a GREAT visit!

Read you when you get back.

pierre l said...

Of course, Europe is "the Continent" - after all you have to cross water to get there. Whereas, thirty years ago, when I lived in France, I managed to drive from Holland to Belgium (along a minor road) without noticing.
Have a good time away, and tell us all about it when you get back. And thank you for all those postings I haven't absorbed yet.

b said...

Thanks both :)

pierre, that's funny :)

loria said...

d is allergic to garlic?! the poor dear! have an amazing time visiting your sis :D


(ps, kabuki is still on the way to you. i just have been moving boxed and it got lost... again. sigh. i'm a terrible person. eventually it'll get there i promise! ;) )

John said...

Have a good time, see you when you get back.

Caroline said...

hope that you have lots and lots of fun x

b said...

Thanks all :)

Loria sweetie you are not a terrible person ;) *hugs*