Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Two versions

Town is full of people. Getting under my feet; stopping at the top of escalators and walking straight out in front of me, chattering inanely. They are frowning, miserable; they only care about being the first to buy the Christmas presents they won't even need for another month. It's dark and the air is cold on my ears and neck; I can almost taste the ice on my tongue. The buildings are grey and imposing, pressing down on me, and the air smells stales and wintry. All I want to do is just buy what I need and get out of there.

Town is full of people, the hustle and bustle of a pre-Christmas Saturday. Excitement is in the air; people stopping to exclaim over shop windows, chatting with friends and relatives, checking their lists to see what they still need to buy. It's dark and gloomy, but the Christmas lights glow and sparkle, brightening people's faces, making them smile. I can taste ice on the wind, tickling my neck, and I look hopefully for snow. I can't wait for Christmas.


I've been looking at setting recently on my Creative Writing course. It's an important lesson for the writing, but it's also important for life. It's possible to choose how you look at things. And why choose to look on the dark and gloomy side?


Imperatrix said...

Very true!

They also say that if you go around with a smile on your lips, you'll be happier. Even if you are doing nasty chores. Like the toilet.

I consciously try to smile, even if I'm alone, even if I doing a bothersome chore.

b said...

Wow. That's a really good idea. I will have to do that :)
(I wrote try first, but that's missing the point again, isn't it?!)