Saturday, 15 December 2007


For days, now, the frost hasn't melted on our street. It's been constant. It's so thick now that it looks like a proper layer of snow. The air smells clean, of ice.

I have four Christmas meals this year. Old job, new job, Samaritans, friends. One of them was last night at the Assembly Rooms. Fab night, although the food wasn't as good as last year. We were in the Chandelier Room and the disco lights looked fantastic sparkling through the chandeliers. And I was right, pulling a cracker and eating a mince pie did make me feel more christmassy.

I drank too much wine. It took me til nearly 7pm to feel human again. I should have had more water when I got in.


John said...

Well I haven't had the mince pie yet but I have been under the influence and I am still feeling very unchristmassy.

Bah humbug.

Imperatrix said...

Have you got a recipe for mince pie? I'm terribly curious. I'd trade it for my fruitcake recipe (no -- don't worry, it's truly delish!)

b said...

I mostly buy my mince pies, because making mincemeat is *such* a faff, and if you buy the mincemeat you might as well just buy the pies! But I have made them before using this recipe for mincemeat then just making shortcrust pastry and dusting the pies with sugar and it was yummmmm. Even though I grated my thumb into it while grating the nutmeg. Double yum!

The fact you're asking makes me curious... do you not have mince pies in the US? If so I will point out that they are lil individual pies rather than a big one these days (I think they used to be made as big pies, but back in the day they also had real meat in).

I'm ill at the mo... feeling sorry for myself but will post again soon. *waves to everyone*