Sunday, 23 December 2007


It hasn't been quite so cold the last few days. I've still been wearing layers and layers of tops, jumpers, coats, but I've been a little warmer.

It's gone cold again tonight, though. I've never seen a frost quite like it. It sparkles against the black tarmac in the street lights as though the pavement and road are coated in silver-white glitter. It's pretty, but impractical for walking, kind of like spiky stilettos for a girl who's more used to trainers. The air stings on your face; not at first, it takes a minute or two to register, but as the cold filters through the top layers of skin you really start to notice it.

The moon is full, or near enough to bring the werewolves out if you buy into the Buffy mythology. It's bright against the dark blue sky.

Shortest day was yesterday. I normally love solstices and equinoxes; they make me unreasonably happy. This year, I am completely sick of the dark, the cold. The days can't lengthen quickly enough as far as I'm concerned.


I'm listening to Suede's Singles collection at the minute. I never really cared about Suede for a long time, but D loves them, and one day when he had the singles collection on I realised I'd been singing along to just about every song. I rarely choose to listen to them myself, but I've got myself into a bit of a music rut recently, consisting of Nine Inch Nails, Editors and Interpol, with only the occasional bit of Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and Placebo, and I think we can all agree that there's not much cheery listening in there. I keep going to the CD stand with every intention of listening to something else (and we do have some great CDs!), but then one of the first three seduces me and I end up listening to that again. I think D is getting the Bloc Party CD for christmas from someone, so maybe that will make me branch out a little.

Funny thing is, I keep hearing that Pepsi ad with the Black Eyed Peas (you know the one where they keep falling through the floor and yet luckily noone gets killed?!), and I love that track. So obviously my liking for other genres of music is still there. Even for bands I'm aware aren't very good. But I still can't make myself listen to anything that wasn't influenced by Joy Division*. I don't even like Joy Division.

Err, please don't anyone tell D I said that.


b said...

* and yes, I do realise that just about everyone in the entire world was influenced by Joy Division. I don't have to like it though :)

loria said...

ahahah! I have to giggle because I'm the same way. I really don't care much for Ian Curtis' voice and while I do acknowledge that he was brilliant of a songwriter, I just don't care much for JD.

Of course my musical tastes vary all over the board and differ very much with my closest of friends so... don't pay me any mind ;)


b said...

Loria, sweetie, any time you want to come here and agree with me I'm not going to complain :)