Monday, 3 December 2007

home again

My journey home took 12 hours 10 minutes (I did stop to have lunch with my mum and one of my sisters on the way back though) and involved the following means of transport, in the order given:
  • train
  • plane
  • car
  • train
  • metro
  • bus
So I'm rather exhausted, and about to collapse into bed. Thanks for all the comments on the various posts; I'll reply midweek as tomorrow I'm off to see Interpol. AKA Interpol. Let's hope tomorrow night works out for them, eh?!


John said...

Ha, let's hope it goes ahead this time then! If it doesn't and you meet a load of naked guys on a bar crawl....well that won't be me but I'm just giving you a heads up in case it happens.

Could be awful for you otherwise.

b said...

Err, thanks for the heads up! I think... ;)

pierre l said...

I trust Germany was good. I am afraid I have been lacking inspiration for comments recently. I hope my inspiration will return soon.