Thursday, 13 December 2007

Ways to start feeling christmassy, finally.

Catch a whiff of mince pies at lunchtime. I can't wait to eat my first one of the year.

Go to a carol service lit by a thousand candles and with a choir. Jesmond Parish Church is a really nice church, and lit purely by candlelight, the air shimmering with the heat of the candles, it was beautiful.

The christmassy feeling didn't appear til right near the end. The final verse of 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful', to be precise. Do I mean counterpoint? Where the choir start singing a complementary tune for the last verse? It set my spine shivering. And suddenly, I felt I might get excited about christmas again.

Other things I think might help:
  • mulled wine
  • finding some red baubles for the christmas tree, distressingly half finished at the minute
  • replacing the old fake tree with a little real one that smells of christmas
  • wrapping presents
  • pulling a cracker
I'll get there in the end.


Cassandra said...

My flatmate and I are heading to the candlelight carol concert tonight in Jesmond at your suggestion! We're excited!

-Cassandra from Newcastle Daily Photo

b said...

Great Cassandra! I hope you enjoyed it :)

Cassandra said...

Yeah, it was great! I went off to a crimbo party afterwards and had a great time in the christmas mood!