Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Exciting book news

I am going to a signing at the weekend.

This makes me go 'eeeeee!' and 'yayayayayayay!' and other such vowel-heavy exclamations.

Caroline's blog is actually the place to be at the mo. She has also got an e-book coming out soon. It's a free download, but there is a voluntary donations page for One in Four,
an organisation run for and by people who have experienced sexual abuse.

Because Caroline is the coolest. And she cares.

(She even sent me badges, but I have to sort out my camera situation before I can show you proof of that.)

There is even a trailer:

If you haven't already read In Search of Adam, what are you waiting for?

(and I say this is nothing to do with Geordie life, but the book is set round here. And it's amazing. And you should go buy a copy. Did I mention that bit? It will even be on the three for two deal in Waterstones. How exciting can you get?!)


Alda said...

So many excellent blogs/books, so little time!


B said...

Tis true :) I would make an effort for this one though :)

pierre l said...

I hope you have a good time at the book signing, B. And don't get snow-bound. The local branch of Waterstone's was expecting to receive copies today, so I shall make do with an unsigned copy of the paperback.
Perhaps one day we will meet for a book signing in Manchester...

B said...

Thanks, Pierre. It was fab. Caroline is lovely and I hope to meet her again. She writes very nice things in books, too :)